Frequently Asked Questions

Were you Christian's Pizza Pantops?

Yes, we carried that name proudly from 2007-2016. We have operated continuously as a family-run business since 2009 and have strived to distinguish ourselves with efficient service and a consistently quality product. In 2016, we changed our name in order to coincide with the opening of our second location in Zion Crossroads. We kept everything the same, from the ownership and staff down to the recipes The only thing that changed was the name.

Do you deliver?

Yes! Click here for details.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes! We sell gift cards at the store, available in any denomination you want.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, local checks, and all major credit cards.

Can I order a half and half pizza?

Yes you can. Even if you want two different kinds of sauce on the crust, we can accomodate you. Just be aware that the more complicated the order, the longer it will take. The price of a half and half pizza is the exact average of the cost of the two different sides.

Ok, so can I get a quarter of one thing and three quarters of another, etc?

Unfortunately this is not possible. We draw the line at half and half. If you want many different kinds of pizza, come check out our selection by the slice.

Do you offer Take-and-Bake?

Sure. Just call and ask us which method of cooking would be best for the pizza you're interested in and we'll make sure it's done the way you want it.

I have a large party and we all want to eat at Lelo's. Can you save us a spot?

Although we do not reserve space in the dining room, we have 45 seats inside and 12 outside and the tables generally turn over quickly.

Do you have gluten-free crust?

We only offer our regular crust at this time. We have a relatively small kitchen and the flour tends to fly everywhere, so we would not be able to guarantee any gluten-free crust would stay completely gluten-free for long.

Do you have vegan pizza?

All of our cooked vegetables are cooked with vegan ingredients, so any whole vegetable pizza you want can be made vegan by simply witholding the cheese. We also almost always have a couple of vegan options on the slice counter, so stop by to check out the selection.

Is your cheese made with animal rennet?

We use Grande Mozzarella for our regular pizza cheese and their Fior di Latte as our Fresh Mozzarella. According to the FAQ on their website, these products use enzymes made from non-animal sources.

Nice dog logo, I love dogs too! Can I bring my dog for pizza?

Well, the health department frowns on animals in restaurants. So we have to say no, unless your dog is a service dog or otherwise authorized under these provisions. Please note that this prohibition also extends to our outdoor seating areas.

Do you sell beer to go?

No, we are only licensed for on premises beer sales.

Is your feta cheese pasteurized?

Yes, all our cheeses are pasteurized.

I love that Fresh Mozzarella pizza but by the time I get it home, the crust is soggy! Why?

Our regular Grande Mozzarella is designed to be a pizza friendly cheese, which means they remove a good portion of the water which results from the process of making it. The Fresh Mozzarella has the full moisture content locked inside it, and it comes out during the cooking process. This pizza is definitely best when eaten at the store or taken half baked and finished in your oven at home.